Asian Group Standard of Points

The Asian Group is the name used for cats of Burmese type, but non-Burmese coat colour, pattern or length.

A separate page shows the Standard of Points of the main groups

A full printed Standard of points is available from the GCCF Office.

The breeds within the Asian Group are:

Asian Self

ASIAN SELF (including Tortie) - The Self and Tortie varieties of the Asian Cat (including Bombay)



Asian Smoke

BURMILLA - The Shaded variety of the Asian cat



Asian Smoke

ASIAN SMOKE - The Smoke variety of the Asian cat




Asian Tabby

ASIAN TABBIES - The Spotted, Classic, Mackerel or Ticked Tabby varieties of the Asian cat



TIFFANIE - The Semi-Longhaired variety of the Asian cat.



General Type Standard for all Asian Group Shorthairs and Semi-Longhairs

The cats of the Asian Group are elegant cats of medium size and foreign type; the overall type should be the same as the Burmese cat (Breed 27). Any tendency to Siamese or Persian type, or the cobbiness of the British, is not permissible. In character they are alert, active and intelligent with a very friendly disposition.

Head – Forms a short balanced wedge with width at the cheekbones tapering to a blunt muzzle and showing good width at the jaw-hinge. The top of the head should be gently rounded between the ears, which are set well apart. In profile the head should show a good depth between the top of the skull and the lower jaw, the brow should curve gently to the bridge of the nose with a distinct nose break; the nose should be straight with the tip of the nose leather in line with the chin. The chin should be firm and of good depth, and the bite level and even. The head, elegantly carried on a neck of medium-thickness, should be in proportion to the body.

Ears - Medium to large in size, broad at the base with rounded tips and set well apart so that the outer line of the ears continues the angle of the upper part of the face to produce a butterfly-wing outline from the front. In profile the ears should have a slight forward tilt. Ear tufts and streamers are preferable in the Asian Semi-longhair (Tiffanie). Allowance should be made for correctly shaped but over-large ears in kittens where the head size and shape is still developing.

Eyes – Large and lustrous and set wide apart, the top lid forms a slight curve slanted towards the nose, the lower lid is fuller and more rounded; overall the eye shape and set is distinctive, giving a unique expression typical to the Asian and Burmese breeds.

Body - Slender and of medium length and size, it should feel hard, lithe and muscular and heavier than its appearance indicates. The back should be straight from shoulder to rump. The chest should be generous and gently rounded, but not disproportionately broad.

Legs and paws - The legs should be slender, elegant and in proportion to the body, of medium length with the hind legs slightly longer than the front legs, paws neat and oval in shape.

Tail - Medium to long, to balance the body, carried proud and of medium thickness, tapering slightly to a rounded tip. The length should be sufficient for the tip to reach the shoulder when the tail is brought gently around the side of the body.

Coat - The coat of the Asian Shorthair should be short, fine and lie close to the body, the texture should be smooth and satin-like with a glossy appearance. The Asian Semi-longhair (Tiffanie) should have a fine and silky coat, medium long, except over the shoulders and without a woolly undercoat.

Condition and temperament - The Asian should be an even-tempered cat. Any extreme or aggressive temperament should not be encouraged by breeding and should be penalised by Judges on the show bench.


SCALE OF POINTS (except Tiffanie)
Type (55)  
Head 15
Ears 5
Eye Shape and Set 10
Body 10
Legs and Paws 10
Tail 5
Colour and Marking (45)  
Coat Colour and Pattern 20
Eye Colour and Rims 5
Length and texture of Coat 10
Overall Condition and Temperament 10

Withhold all Awards for:
1. Extreme aggressive temperament

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:
1. White markings anywhere, other than those referred to in the colour description
2. Too British, Siamese or Persian in type
3. Coat in Asian Shorthairs too long and/or thick, including overlarge ear tufts. Coat in Asian Semi-Longhairs (Tiffanie) too shaggy, i.e. with excessive undercoat.
4. Protuberant, round or oriental shaped eyes.
5. Noticeably small or close-set eyes
6. Lack of weight or condition
7. Small or fine-boned adults
8. Any defect as listed in the preface to this SOP booklet.

1. A distinct muzzle pinch in adults.
2. Flat or dished brows
3. Nose showing distinct bump in adults
4. Nose leather falling away markedly
5. Extremes of coat colour