Tiffanie (Breed 68)

Coat Pattern and Colours - The coat may be Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Caramel, Apricot, Cinnamon, Fawn, Black Tortie, Blue Tortie, Chocolate Tortie, Lilac Tortie, Caramel Tortie, Cinnamon Tortie, Fawn Tortie or the Burmese colour restriction of any of these colours or their silver varieties, in any of the recognised Asian patterns.

Note: The tabby patterns will be less distinct on the semi-longhair coat.

Coat Length and Texture – Medium long except over the shoulders where a shorter length is permitted, fine and silky in texture, without a woolly undercoat. The coat should appear dense, but lie flat along the spine and display a glossy shine; the coat should lengthen down the body to form fringes or "frills" along the lower edges of the body and under-parts. The tail should be plume-like. The furnishings from inside the ears should form streamers and tufts at the tips of the ears are preferable. A ruff is desirable in the mature cat and, all other things being equal, preference should be given to the cat with a ruff and full breeches. Tiffanies do not normally achieve full coat until mature (2 years plus) and allowance should be made for shorter coats and lack of ruff in kittens and adolescent cats. Allowance should also be made for toe-tufts making paws seem larger than they really are.

Note: The coat lies flat along the body, but forms a ruff around the neck and tends to form fringes or frills along the lower body thereby disguising the underlying bone structure. By smoothing back the coat it is possible to study the lines of the body, which should be of slender, elegant and of medium Foreign type exactly as per General Type for all Asian cats.


Type (55)  
Head 15
Ears 5
Eyes Shape and Set 10
Body 10
Legs and Paws 10
Tail 5
Colour and Marking (35)  
Coat Colour and Pattern 10
Eye Colour and Rims 5
Length and Texture of Coat 20
Overall Condition and Temperament 10


Withhold all Awards - as in Asian General Type Standard.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes In Kitten Open Classes for:
1. Too short a coat in adults
2. Shaggy, woolly, coarse or badly groomed coat
3. Heavy boned cobby body or legs, large round paws; any tendency towards Persian type
4. General Asian withholding faults.

1. Lack of plume, ruff or breeches in a mature adult.
2. General Asian faults.