Asian Group Smoke
(Breed 72 42 - 72 42fnq)

Coat Colour – May be any colour accepted in the Asian Group. The Asian Smoke is a non-agouti cat and the undercoat of silver-white or near white should be no less than one-third and no more than one-half of the total hair length in adults. When in repose the cat should have overall appearance of a Self or Burmese coloured cat, the silver undercoat showing through when the cat moves giving the "smoke" effect. Some faint ghost tabby markings may be evident on the body, especially in kittens, but distinct tabby markings in adults are undesirable. There may be silvery speckling on the face; silvery frown marks on the forehead and silvery rings round the eyes. Note that the Inhibitor (Silver) gene has a tendency to reduce the intensity of the smoke colour.

Scale of Points - As in Asian General Type Standard.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:
1. Silver showing through the coat.
2. Distinct tabby markings in adults
3. General Asian withholding faults.

1. Faint tabby markings in adults; these may be overlooked in Red, Cream and Apricot .
2. General Asian faults.