Asian Group Bombay (Breed 72) and
Self (Breed 72a-j, n, fn, p)

Note: For all Asian Selfs it is very difficult to attain a consistent colour through the length of the hair shaft and some paling to the roots can be allowed for as long as it is a slightly paler shade of the coat colour.

Colour: The coat may be in any Full Expression colour accepted in the Asian Group. The coats of kittens and adolescents cats need time to develop full pigmentation. The coat should be short, fine and close lying giving the characteristic black shimmering patent leather effect in the Bombay (black).

Eye colour - Gold preferred, yellow through to green acceptable with preference given to greater depth of colour.

Nose leather, eye rims and paw pads - Nose leather eye rims and paw pads should be a solid colour dependent upon the coat colour. In red, cream and apricot 'freckles' may appear on nose, paw pads, lips, eye rims and ears, slight freckling in a mature cat should not be penalised.

Withhold all Awards for:
1. Any evidence of Burmese colour restriction

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:
1. A noticeable number or patch of white hairs
2. Coat not well coloured to the roots (or distinct paling of colour towards the roots)
3. Distinct tabby marks except in kittens
4. Rusty tinge to coat in adults
5. Unevenness of coat colour except in Red, Cream and Apricot
6. General Asian withholding faults

1. Faint tabby makings in adults; these may be overlooked in Red, Cream and Apricot.
2. General Asian faults.